Miami Science Barge

The Miami Science Barge is a floating laboratory and environmental education center. Situated on Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami, it is a platform to encourage Miami to become a more ecologically conscious city.

Miami Science Museum

The Museum is making preparations to grow and harvest edible crops on the property again. Two different types of hydroponic systems will be explored at the Museum, one using a series of planters in the Wildlife Center (supported by the Bachelor Foundation)

Whole Foods

BrightFarm Systems was commissioned to design and install a demonstration scale, sustainable urban greenhouse for a new Whole Foods Market store in Millburn, New Jersey.
Sustainable Agriculture and Wise Environmental Practices are two core values of Whole Foods Market. They are also significant supporters of local farmers in the Northeast region and beyond.

Rooftop Garden

The EzGro Rooftop Garden is perfect for gardeners looking to grow food on a space where the ground cannot be penetrated. This system is unique because it just sits on top of any solid surface and can be used in a variety of locations such as rooftops, parking lots, patios- virtually anywhere. This system is not meant to be 100% water tight but can be used indoors with proper considerations.

Midsummer Night Meadows 2013

Our 2013 growing season. Summer in Central Texas is once again in full swing, and it is flaunting its lush growth potential beautifully on Larry and Brenda's rural property in their EzGro Backyard Garden, Midsummer Night Meadows.


2014 finds Midsummer Night Meadows prolific once again-it’s nearly impossible to see the actual towers and pots beneath the sprawling vines and foliage of the vegetables. The tomatoes are ripening by the dozen each day and a variety of sweet bell peppers accent the garden with their varied bright colors. Herbs abound- one can smell the pungent freshness of the spearmint, peppermint and chocolate mint from 10 feet away!

Uncertin Farms

Uncertain Farms is a family run farm in Seguin Texas that started in 1989. They have 17 acres with 7 greenhouses.

Robert Mainville

I have a twelve stack system using 40 quad pots and 6 five gallon buckets. An odd number perhaps but it seems to fit the 15’ x 15’ deck I put them on. We did not use the deck much so for me it was the perfect place to put my EzGro garden. You will notice the fence I put up due to some very persistent rabbits. Everything seems to be growing much faster and healthier than any plants I have ever grown before.

Sage Mind Homestead

This garden is 30 feet by 60 feet. There 59 towers using 300 pots with 1200 Plants.

Vera Street Farms

Vera street Farms has a 1/2 acre U-Pick Vertical Strawberry Garden, with 1000 towers and 20,000 strawberry plants. Vera Street Farms is located in China, Texas just off Broadway Street .

Jimmies Greenhouses

They grow in multiple greenhouses, one dedicated to tomatoes. This system has 1500 Quad pots mostly growing in greenhouses year around.


The hybrid between solar and wind energy is the missing link in clean energy; because wind-only and solar-only systems are only able to work when that resource is available. By combining both into one hybrid system, we are able to produce a more consistent renewable energy solution. So now, we will not only be able to harness the suns energy during the day, we will be able to harness wind energy at night, when solar power is not available.

Amalie Arena

Amalie Arena, home to the Tampa Bay Lightening, partnered with Urban Oasis (an official EzGro Garden distributor) and Delaware North (their foodservice company) to construct a beautiful hydroponic tower garden on site. They built a deck in a back area that had previously been home to cooling equipment and recycling bins. This large EzGro tower garden was constructed in the summer of 2014, and has been producing loads of fresh food ever since. It has also contributed to the arena’s sustainability initiatives.


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