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Sustainable & Eco-friendly

The EzGro Patio Garden is a sustainable, eco-friendly soil-less Vertical Garden system that sets up fast, less than an hour and gets you growing in no time.  The attractive stacking pots allow you to grow 20 plants indoors or out- all you need is sunshine, water for the reservoir, and an electrical outlet.


The kit is all-inclusive and once it’s in place it runs itself- all you have to do is refill the reservoir with water mixed with the enclosed nutrient solution, and the automatic timer and pump will water your plants for you.

1sqft = 20+ plants

The system itself takes up only 1 ½ square feet of floor or patio space, which allows you to grow in practically any corner you have available.  And because of the vertical design, you can grow 6 to 8 times as much produce as you would be able to in the same area of garden space!

Some Frequently Asked Questions!

What grows well in the EzGro Patio Garden vertical garden?

Pretty much anything that you’d plant in a regular vegetable garden will thrive in the EzGro Patio Garden- tomatoes, beans, eggplant, peppers, strawberries, and any herb you can think of, plus greens galore, all flowers. And the list goes on…

Why use hydroponics?

Hydroponic growing means that the nutrients your plants need are absorbed by their roots directly from the nutrient-enhanced water, instead of leaching them from the soil as they would in a traditional garden.  The benefit of this method is that the plants get only what they need, delivered right to them, instead of having to compete with other plants for limited soil nutrients, which makes them larger, healthier, and more productive.  Even better, since the growing medium used in hydroponics is inert, you avoid dealing with all the pests and diseases that naturally live in the soil and constantly challenge plants.  The fact that the growing medium is inert also eliminates the problem of weeds in hydroponic systems- they simply do not establish themselves.  Finally, the answer is in the name- with a hydroponic system, you will use one-tenth of the water that you’d need to grow a traditional soil garden!  It’s kinder to the planet (and your wallet), and is a responsible use of our most precious resource.

Is it sustainable?

The EzGro Patio Garden is actually a far more sustainable growing option than a traditional soil garden, since it eliminates the waste of water and nutrients that is inevitable in regular soil gardens. In a traditional garden, you must constantly feed the soil- with compost, blood and bone meal, liquid seaweed… you know the drill.  And who’s to say how much of those nutrients are just washing away in the rain when it comes, or being used up by the very weeds and pests that you’re constantly battling?  The plants in that garden must struggle against soil-borne diseases and pests to survive, and also fight their neighboring plants, (and the weeds), for the available nutrients they need in order to produce. The plants in the EzGro hydroponic system, however, are naturally healthier and stronger because they don’t have these struggles- they only use one tenth of the water and they are fed at the source, absorbing their nutrients directly from the water that is suspended in the coconut coir and aerated- rock growing medium.  This growing medium can be used indefinitely- there is never a need to replace it, only to top it off occasionally.

Is it expensive?

You would think that a durable, attractive, self-contained vertical garden system would cost more than that plot of dirt in the yard, especially when it is producing so much more heavily, but you would be wrong!  Everything you need for a full growing season is included in the kit, and when the first plants are done and you’re ready for more, all you need to buy is more nutrient solution!  You may have to top off the growing medium, but on average only 10% of it is lost per year to decay, so the cost is negligible.  You are already saving 90% of your water cost by growing hydroponically.  Now compare that scenario to the dirt garden- consider the cost of compost, mulch, fertilizer, and tools, not to mention the value of your precious time spent digging, weeding, and battling pests.  Yet after all that you’d still be harvesting significantly less produce!

How does it work?

The brilliance of the EzGro Patio Garden’s design lies in its simplicity.  After setting up the system in the perfect spot, filling the pots with growing medium and putting in your plants or seeds, you fill the reservoir with the nutrient/water solution.  The pump in the reservoir base pushes the water up through the tube in the center of the pots, and out through the valve at the top into the diffuser cup (which is like a colander- a cup with holes in the bottom).  The nutrient water drips down through these holes, and on its journey it collects at the bottom of each stacking pot and drains through the holes down to the pot beneath.  The solution that makes it back down to the reservoir pot goes right back in and is re-used, so there’s no waste.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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I bought this system 2 years ago after seeing very comparable systems at Disney as they grow most of their vegetables right on site in Hydroponics. This was by far the best investment I have ever made in my gardening experiences. It was easy to assemble and use. I have had terrific results and can truly say the yields far out pace my traditional garden. I no longer grow lettuce, carrots and spinach in my garden due to my success with this system. I have also had great success with peppers. There really is very little to do other than set this system up, plant the seeds and water it. I have had very little trouble with pests and diseases – they just don’t manifest themselves in this system.

Craig B.

Hey I love this, I have been telling all my friends :).

Luke Chapman

Just got a patio garden shipping was fast and my wife put this together by herself with no tools and no problems at all. we have a big hydroponic system in the back yard and this is so much easier. I am loving this thing.


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