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EzGro’s Riga Backyard Greenhouses

Looking for a warm spot to get your seeds started, or to set up your towers?  Look no further, because EzGro Gardens now offers greenhouses!  We’re continually adding high quality items to our shop to make growing as easy and fun as possible, and these greenhouses are no exception with their straight-forward setup and sturdy construction.


Sturdy Construction

The quality that comes with Riga Mark Greenhouses is what you would expect from a high-end commercial greenhouse, but these are designed for hobby use.  The frame on all of these greenhouses is manufactured from extruded aluminum.  Each model of these greenhouses has been tested and proven to withstand harsh winter conditions, including 100 mile per hour winds.  They retain heat when outdoor temperatures are below freezing, even when snow is on the ground.  One of the most notable things about this greenhouse is its unique shape, with the subtle point at the very top, which is similar to an onion.  This is purposely done so that snow cannot pile up on top of it.  This greenhouse was truly built to withstand harsh conditions and allow you to grow fresh produce all year long!

The heavy-duty twin-wall polycarbonate walls really set this line of greenhouses apart from its competition; no hobby greenhouse even comes close to this level of insulation!  In Riga Mark models II, III, and IV, the roof and sidewalls are 8 millimeters thick.  For reference, one nickel is 2 millimeters thick, so these walls are the thickness of 4 nickels stacked on top of one another.  The end-walls are a bit thicker at 10 millimeters, or the thickness of a stack of 5 nickels.  The Riga Mark models V, VI, VII, VIII and XI have 16 millimeter thick walls all around, which is double even the impressively thick walls of the smaller-sized models.  Typical greenhouses only have 4 millimeter walls, which makes ours at least 40 percent less expensive to heat.

The integrity of the craftsmanship on these greenhouses is unparalleled, and the manufacturer offers a superior warranty to back up their product.  The polycarbonate panels are under warranty for 10 years, and the frame is protected for 15 years!  Rest assured that when you purchase a Riga Mark, you are getting the gold standard of greenhouses, along with their stellar warranty.



A Dutch door comes standard with each of these greenhouses.  It is the perfect solution to let the breeze in, while keeping critters out.  The doors are even lockable for security purposes.  Even more helpful, the doorframe is 29.6 inches wide to allow for a standard wheelbarrow to comfortably pass through.  This feature is especially useful for planting and harvesting.

In order for the grower to take maximum advantage of natural ventilation, all of the Riga Mark Greenhouses come standard with a large window on the back wall with dimensions of 42” tall and 30” wide.  The window on the roof is equally impressive at 40” by 24”.  Rest assured that the kit comes standard with an automatic roof-window opener for ease of access.  The best part of the window opener is that no electricity is necessary to operate it!  Based on the interior temperature of the greenhouse, it will open and shut on its own.

These two huge windows and the Dutch door, along with the twin-wall polycarbonate frame, allow the interior to stay cool during summer months.  This greatly reduces or even eliminates the need to spend money on cooling mechanisms.  Of course, the superior insulation also translates to minimal heating bills during winter months.


Easy to Build

Riga Mark greenhouses are designed with the customer in mind, and no stone has been left unturned in the production of these impressive greenhouses.  While assembly is required, clear written instructions as well as an instructional DVD are included in your purchase.  The frame has been designed so the pieces of aluminum simply slide into one another, simplifying the process even more.  The greenhouse will take two people about one day to assemble.  I can’t think of any structure in which people can walk around that takes such little time to put together!

It is important to look into zoning restrictions in order to build a greenhouse in any location.  Riga Mark greenhouses do not require a slab, and are not considered permanent structures.  Your local government typically provides this information, but a homeowner’s association may also have restrictions that need to be looked into.  If there is a restriction, these agencies may make an exception for a greenhouse because of its unique ability to help grow food locally.


Optional Add-Ons

Base Kit:

A sturdy, level space is necessary to situate the greenhouse on top of.  We offer a Base Kit made specifically for each model of the Riga Mark Greenhouses.  The Base Kits are made from durable extruded aluminum and are as durable as the greenhouse’s aluminum frame.  The base is six inches tall, and the greenhouse frame sits directly on top of the base.  If you choose, the base may be filled with a substrate such as sand, gravel, or concrete, though this step is not required.


You’ll likely need a place to put your seedling trays, and ideally they would be situated at waist height.  Riga Mark shelves hang from chains attached to the roof of the greenhouse instead of on braces to maximize storage space.

Grow Lights:

While there aren’t lights specifically designed for these greenhouses, options are available in the Lighting section of our shop.


Additional windows on the sidewalls or the roof can be added.  This would be beneficial in areas where temperatures regularly exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heating/ Cooling:

Additional heating or cooling is usually not needed, but there are some methods we recommend if you find its necessary.  An electric fan may be installed by drilling a small hole for the cord through the front or back wall of the polycarbonate.  A small radiator-style heating unit would work for providing additional heat.

We hope you enjoy these greenhouses to extend your growing season!  For more information on Riga Mark, click on the Backyard Greenhouses page.


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